MedHub Developer / Consultant for Hire

Do you want to integrate with Medhub?

MedHub Integration Services

MedHub only implements large clients with complex problems that are designed to solve. The MedHub API provides external systems with access to its database, through pre-defined calls. The API provides for complex requests and employs advanced verification techniques. We have a former MedHub developer on staff that can help with integration with MedHub APIs or middleware that can be hooked into a MedHub interface.

Custom Web Development

Drew Reed, owner of Reed Dynamic was a Senior Software Engineer at MedHub for several years and knows MedHub inside and out. On top of that, we have worked on hundreds of projects in our 10+ years of business ranging from web apps to industrial website design. No matter your industry, I will capture your brand, engage your audience, and one-up the competition.

User Interface Design (UI)

Your website is the center of your marketing efforts, your 24/7 store and customer service representatives, your most effective recruiting tool, and the face of your company to current and potential customers worldwide. Then, make it shine with over 10+ years of User Interface Design experience.