Who is Reed Dynamic?

Reed Dynamic was founded in 2010 in Ann Arbor, Michigan as a freelance website designer for a friend. Over the years it has grown into a comprehensive technology solutions firm that specializes in Web Design, Website HostingWeb Development, Digital Marketing and other IT services. Our team is comprised of developers, programmers, designers, artists, network engineers, and social media consultants whose passion & creativity make the difference.



Our Process

Web Design Concept

Sketches and/or page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance and the look and feel of the website for visitors. Once these are reviewed and approved web development will begin.

Edits / Revisions

Primary website pages are revised in accordance with the review/feedback you provide. All site secondary pages are created.

Coding It

Primary site (i.e. top level) web pages are created to meet all the appearance, performance, and content requirements. These will be then reviewed by you, and you’ll provide appropriate feedback for revision.

Review / QA

Web Site Review and Testing: The finished web site will be reviewed and all functional aspects tested (i.e. forms, carts).

Launch Site

Once revisions and modifications resulting from reviews are complete, the web site will be uploaded and go live. After a successful one week trial period, the web site project will be considered complete.


Meet The Team

Drew Reed

Owner / Tech Lead

Everyday I gain experience in development of internet applications including PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My goal is to constantly build my repertoire of knowledge in the IT field.

Using technology to deliver information, in one form or another, for almost a decade, my career started in E-Commerce and transitioned to web programming. Through it all, I have always been on the lookout for the smartest way to get a job done; these days that means harnessing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create web applications. I have worked with a wide range of web-related tools—Unix systems, PHP, MySQL, Apache — but my passion is building complex PHP web applications with rich experiences that adhere to best practices and emphasize modular, reusable, maintainable code.

I can get your website off to a good start, evaluate its current position or even give it a plan for the future. Providing clients with an unbiased approach to defining, developing and implementing solutions to meet their website needs. Whether you have an existing web site or are just starting out, you will get the information and analysis you need to succeed online. Lets talk and discuss your business needs.

Trained with the latest software and knowledge of Web Design and WC3 Standards, I can create appealing and creative Web Design and web layout.


SEMrush Certification for SEOs
Google Analytics Certication

My Knowledge And Skills


  • Advanced Skill Level: PHP, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, SQL
  • Intermediate Skill Level: C, C++, Java, .NET, Visual Basic


  • MySQL, Mongodb, Access

Application Programming Interface:

  • Authorize.net, PayPal, UPS, Goggle Maps, PubMed

Operating System:

  • Fedora, Red Hat, CentoOS, UNIX, Windows, Mac OS, DOS

Cloud & Web Services:

  • Cpanel, Amazon Web Services

Source Code Management Software:

  • Git, Tortoise SVN


  • Cisco Certified in Network Fundamentals

VOIP (Voice Over IP)

  • Telnet Systems
  • Comcast Systems
  • Jive Systems
  • Polycom Phones / Hardware
  • Avaya Phones / Hardware

Web Application Framework:

  • Advanced Skill Level: CakePHP 1.3, 2.X, 3.X
  • Beginner Skill Level: Laravel, Symfony, Composer

Open-Source Ecommerce:

  • Advanced Skill Level: Magento
  • Intermediate Skill Level: osCommerce, wooCommerce

Content Management Systems:

  • Advanced Skill Level: Joomla, WordPress

Online Marketing:

  • Advanced Skill Level: S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization), Online Presence Management
  • Intermediate Skill Level: S.E.M. (Search Engine Marketing)
Reed Dynamics Web Developer And IT Guru



Danielle Reed

Business Analyst / Copywriter / PPC Expert

Danielle was extensive experience in working for and supporting small business. Growing up in the construction and service trades, a word that would describe her is- diversification. From heavy equipment operation, plowing snow, cutting mens hair in her families barber shop, purchasing, scheduling, client and employee management, to present copywriting and administration.

As it pertains to internet applications, Danielle works with web content, researching comparative business models and building a word portfolio to expand our clients online profile. Online advertising, email, blog, social media and other forms of electronic communications. Your website and software liaison! She works behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations and communication between the client and lead developer.


SEMrush Certification for SEOs