What The 4 Signs Are That Your Business Needs Custom Software


Ever wondered if creating special computer programs for your business is worth it? The truth is, custom software can be pricey, but not having it might cost you more! Before dismissing the idea due to the cost, consider the hidden expenses of sticking with your current systems as your business grows.

When is custom software unnecessary?

If your current systems work well, like reliable public transport getting you to your destination, you might not need custom software. Small organizations with happy staff and efficient out-of-the-box software may not require a custom solution. 

When should you think about custom software?

As your company grows, you might outgrow your current systems. Signs include increasing frustration, mistakes, and inefficiency. If your software no longer aligns with your business processes, it’s time to consider custom solutions. The investment can save you money on training, reduce turnover, and prevent costly mistakes.

Dealing with software challenges Consider custom software if your current software is overly complicated or comes with unnecessary features. Some organizations end up paying for features they don’t need or don’t know how to use. Rising subscription costs can also make your current software a liability as your business grows.

Taking control of your data If your data comes from different places, leading to conflicts and difficulties in correction, it’s a sign you need custom software. Having one well-built system ensures trust and control over your data, providing security and reliability.

Increasing business valuation If your goal is to be acquired, owning your software system increases your business’s value. While businesses without their tech may receive lower valuations, having a well-built custom solution can make your company more attractive to potential buyers.

The potential of custom software for growth If your current software aligns with your processes and your goal is maintenance, custom software may not be necessary. However, for those aiming for innovation, growth, or acquisition, custom software becomes a valuable investment. It allows you to tailor solutions to your unique processes, enhancing efficiency and setting you apart.

Ready for custom software? The team at Reed Dynamic has over 25 years of experience helping businesses build custom software for efficient processes and increased valuation. If you’re considering custom software, let’s chat and see how we can do the same for you.