When Internal Resources Fall Short: 5 Indicators It’s Time to Engage a Software Development Company

Struggling to keep up with your business’s growing tech needs? Explore the potential of a software development software company. Comprising a skilled team of designers, developers, and project managers, these agencies collaborate with clients to research, design, build, test, and deploy customized software solutions. Upon project completion, clients gain ownership and independence, boosting their value and facilitating scalability towards strategic goals.

Wondering when to consider external expertise for custom software development? Read on for the 5 key indicators discussed in this article.

  1. When Your Business is Growing Too Fast to Keep Up

If your company is expanding rapidly, and your current in-house team is struggling to keep pace, a digital agency can step in to create custom, scalable software. This helps bridge the gap between your business’s increasing demands and your system’s ability to meet them.

Imagine your company is hiring more employees, reaching new users globally, or facing a surge in customer requests. If your in-house team is feeling overwhelmed, and deadlines are slipping, it’s a sign that your business is outgrowing your current system. Maybe you only need temporary support and don’t have time to hire a new team member.

In such situations, a digital agency can seamlessly integrate with your existing team, working collaboratively to develop a reliable, scalable system that aligns with your business goals. Our developers and designers, whether working in-person or remotely, start by understanding your business objectives, interviewing users, and then designing a program with a clear implementation plan and timeline.

Throughout the process, automated updates keep you in the loop, allowing you to monitor progress in real-time and make informed decisions as the project unfolds.

     2. When You Need to Introduce Something New

If your current development team lacks the know-how to build a specific system your business requires, a digital agency can tackle this challenge effectively. Not only do they construct the system for you, but they also provide hands-on training for your team. This training equips your team to operate, maintain, and even undertake similar projects in the future.

Here’s a common scenario: your company has a web development team, APIs, and a database, but creating a mobile app is beyond their expertise. In such cases, our developers, at Reed Dynamic, collaborate closely with your team throughout the project. Sometimes your team handles the API development, while ours focuses on creating the needed mobile application. Other times, we take charge of developing the CI/CD integration pipeline and ensure your team is adept at using it.

      3. When You Want Something Better

When your goal is improvement—be it a more effective team, streamlined workflows, or innovative software ideas—a development agency offers a fresh perspective to enhance your existing setup.

Better Ideas: Teams often stick to outdated systems due to various reasons. A lack of communication with end-users, excessive focus on maintaining existing systems, starting new projects without completing them, or having a siloed team can contribute to this. A software development company, equipped with the latest tech knowledge, identifies inefficiencies and issues during client meetings. This insight allows them to design a new system that addresses these concerns.

Better Team: In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, teams can unknowingly fall behind. A company may decide to enhance its team’s skills after relying on the same group for years. Digital agencies mentor internal teams through workshops, infrastructure audits, and code reviews, introducing modern practices and tools.

      4. To Increase Profitability

Many growing companies or startups aiming for high valuation during acquisition often face limitations due to inefficient software, reliance on third-party systems, or accumulated technical debt. Key metrics influencing a company’s valuation include intellectual property ownership, source code quality, ease of use, efficiency, update capabilities, adaptability, and costs. Working with a collaborative software development company not only enhances your system but also ensures your in-house team gains expertise, boosting your company’s standalone valuation.

     5. To Cut Costs

While upfront expenses concern companies considering a software development agency, the long-term return on investment (ROI) is substantial. Custom software reduces monthly subscription costs, lowers the need for extensive IT and development staff, improves customer experience, reduces training expenses, facilitates easier scaling, and minimizes errors. Despite initial investments, building custom software saves money over time, making it a cost-effective solution for sustained business growth. Contact us to explore how a digital agency can help your company scale, innovate, and save costs.

Take the time to look into how Reed Dynamic can benefit your business. Our team of experts are eager to help your team maximize their profitablity and time management skills.