Maximizing Platform Tech in a Challenged Economy

Reed Dynamic emphasizes the importance of retailers and B2B companies focusing on solving real problems for their customers. Making assumptions about customer preferences can be risky, so conducting thorough planning and research before, during, and after platform or feature launches is crucial.

Machine learning is highlighted as a key element in eCommerce, particularly for on-site search, personalization, and recommendations. Businesses with high-quality data have an advantage in leveraging machine learning effectively.

Smaller retailers may benefit from utilizing large online marketplaces and social media commerce avenues during economic volatility. On the other hand, enterprise-level companies are likely to continue adopting headless commerce, although it can be expensive and may not be suitable for all businesses.

When selecting or improving an eCommerce platform, common mistakes include expecting a perfect solution out of the box and neglecting the need for market understanding, testing, and promotion of new offerings. To overcome these challenges, proper planning, research, and change management processes are essential. Prioritizing end-user goals and gathering customer input throughout the discovery and implementation phases can also lead to better outcomes.

The most important attributes of an effective eCommerce platform are scalability, usability, and visibility.

  • Scalability allows for business growth and flexibility in customizations.
  • Usability is crucial for both end users and administrators to ensure a positive experience.
  • Visibility encompasses SEO capabilities and enables effective marketing of the platform.

To improve their platforms quickly, retailers and B2B companies can partner with technology companies that specialize in guiding them through the process. For example, Reed Dynamic offers assistance in selecting platforms tailored to businesses’ needs, focusing on problem-solving rather than addressing symptoms.

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